Anonemis Records is a record label based in Beverly Hills California. It’s location near the heart to the entertainment industry means access to some of the best venues, producers, musicians and other industry professionals and resources in the world. The label was founded in 2014, as an outlet for musicians and artists in a struggling music industry. Technology and piracy have changed the face of the music business forever, and Anonemis was formed to give the power back to the musicians. Artists signed to the label can control which on outlets their music is played, and most importantly they can rest knowing that Anonemis employs a state-of-the-art technology which limits the possibilities of piracy.

The mission of Anonemis Records is to serve musicians and fans alike. In a world in which most entertainment companies are focused on commercialization and profits for corporations, Anonemis puts the power back in the hands of the artists. In doing so, Anonemis ensures that artists on the label are able to create music that is true to their own art form, and in turn, we produce authentic, soulful music that listeners desire to hear. Anonemis is “a different kind of label,” in that the music is at the center of the business, and not vice versa.